Next Generation Sequencing and its applications in biomedical

Next generation DNA sequencing technologies Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) have represented a real revolution in biological and biomedical research in recent years, allowing to observe biological phenomena in more detail. These technologies allow millions of DNA fragments to be sequenced in parallel with high precision, making projects of all sizes feasible.

The Next Generation Sequencing applications
The high resolution and precision and the quality of the data obtained with the NGS make this method ideal for:

De novo sequencing studies of whole genomes (prokaryotes and eukaryotes);
Re-sequencing for analysis of genetic variants;
Analysis of transcriptomes and non-coding RNA;
Exome analysis;
Epigenetic analysis;
Metagenomic characterization of complex samples (environmental, biomedical, agri-food sectors);
Pathogen detection.
The extreme reliability of NGS also allows its application to clinical research to highlight mutations in genes related to pathologies. Microtech offers a wide range of Next Generation Sequencing services, including bioinformatics analysis, at competitive prices and with certain execution times.

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